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Load Rating of a Steel Curved Bridge

  • 49min
  • English
  • midas Civil
  • Guest Webinar
  • 2015. 01. 15

Purpose of the webinar

The purpose of this webinar is to delineate how engineers actually use midas Civil for their local bridge projects. The objective of the load rating is to present live load carrying capacity of the bridge. It needs complex analysis of different components, which is difficult with conventional tools and methods. Midas Civil provides advanced modeling and analysis tools for such tasks. Its user friendly graphical interface with bridge-engineering-specific capabilities enables engineers to perform complex modeling and analysis with unprecedented levels of ease and efficiency.

Featured Topics
• Modeling of curved steel-tub girder
• Modeling of end diaphragm
• Steel Code check of bracing members
• Verification of load rating result
• Modeling of cross frame members
• Use of elastic links
• Load rating procedure