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Local buckling simulation of plate girder web with midas FEA

  • 43min
  • English
  • midas FEA NX
  • Product Demo
  • 2018. 11. 30

Webinar information

The Finite Element MEthod (FEM) is widely used in design of structures. It can be used with different degrees of sophistication for different purposes. One of the most common analysis is the stability analysis where the members buckling can be investigated precisely. The webinar will demonstrate how to use midas FEA software for nonlinear buckling analysis of plates ocnisdering shell models.

Webinar Contents

1. Assumptions for FE modeling of buckling

2. Modeling of equivalent geometric imperfections

3. Modeling of nonlinear imaterial behavior

4. Stability limit state criteria

5. FE steel structure modeling principles

6. Working example