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  • TIP

    Tip provides the various helpful information when using midas nGen. It includes the explanation about the functions, usage and useful tips for design as well as modeling. Based on the Eurocode, the related clause can also be found.

  • Basic Guide

    This example is for those who never had an access to midas nGen previously. Follow all of the steps of the 7 basic modeling tutorials to get acquainted with the process of practical building modeling.

  • Structural Analysis(Ⅰ) Structure Part

    This tutorial contains comparison results between theoretical results and analysis results of midas nGen. By reviewing the results with diverse loadings, boundary conditions and member types, the user can understand fundamentals of structural mechanics as well as basic usage of midas nGen.

  • Structural Analysis(Ⅱ) Analysis Part

    This tutorial helps the user to understand various analysis types using simple model files of midas nGen. From simple static analysis to P-detla, buckling and dynamic analysis, various analysis cases are reflected for the practical building simulation.

  • High Rise Reinforced Concrete Building

    This tutorial shows practical design process of a multi-tower building composed of 21-stories of super structure and 5-stories of sub structure. Using CAD Tracing and Story Copy features, typical shape building model can be easily generated. All the design results can be reviewed in a design report and drawing.

  • Irregular Reinforced Concrete Building

    This example is meant to demonstrate the design of a 6-stories RC general shape building composed of piloti, walls with openings and inclined slabs. After completing modeling by stories using CAD Tracing, irregularity checks are provided in design results. Optimal design considering the target ratio is also included in this example.