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[NFX] Laminated Strip under three point bending - Implicit Dynamic Analysis

  • midas NFX
  • Intermediate level
  • 2015.01.20

Figure 1 shows a laminated strip with [0/90/0/90/0/90/0] layup subjected to three-point bending. Nonlinear implicit transient dynamic analysis is carried out using layered shell elements to obtain the steady-state response of the laminate. During the analysis, the inertial effects are damped out to obtain steady state responses. The resulting vertical displacement and the inplane bending stress are obtained at the point E. These values are compared the reference values. The corner stress is underestimated with reduced integration elements since stress is only computed at the center of these elements.


Figure 1. Laminated strip model

You can download the problem description, model file and analysis results in 3D pdf format.

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