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Practical insight into midas MeshFree

Time February 25th, 2020 (tue) 20:0 - 21:0 GMT

Midas MeshFree is highly accurate and powerful engineering tool used by professionals and designers to simulate the physical response of the complex designs and prototypes, subjected to various types of loads.

Midas mesh free eliminates the difficult and time-consuming process of creating a numerical model (mesh), contributing to a significant reduction in the total working time needed to obtain calculation results.

During the webinar practical approach to MeshFree use will be presented focusing on effective model size setting, accuracy check and building confidence into achieved results.

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What is MeshFree and how it works?

Short introduction to used numerical approach.

How to analyze faster?

Setting the model size.

Results verification

Looking for convergence.

Building confidence in calculation results

FEM vs MeshFree results comparison.

Referring to above topics practical examples will be demonstrated.