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midas FEA NX Release Webinar

Time February 18th, 2020 (tue) 21:0 - 22:0 GMT

midas FEA NX is state of the art software which defines a new paradigm for advanced nonlinear and detail analysis for civil and structural engineering applications. It is specialized for refined method analysis, which is required by design codes for complex geometry.midas FEA NX is newly released with more powerful mesh capability and fast solver speed.

Following is the enhanced features in midas FEA NX:

•Fully optimized for 64-bit solver and pre/post-processing
•Unified solver with GPU computing
•Adoption of Parasolid Kernel and Compatible with 3D CAD geometry
•Fast auto-meshing generation time withmulti-thread (over 80% reduced time)
•Addition of Hybrid mesh for securing accurate results