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2015 MIDAS Expert Webinar Series

Meet the Talents

Structural engineering field never lacks talents. They are the mainstays of top engineering companies. They build word famous landmarks. They deal with world's biggest challenges. They are experienced and knowledgeable. They respect the tradition, as well as embrace the up-to-date technology.

With this webinar series, we want to make the linkage between you and these talents, whom we invite from global building, bridge and geotechnical fields. Some of them took important roles in the design of global landmarks, some of them are respected experts in a particular field, and some of them lead teams in top 100 engineering companies.

Every month, we will host a webinar for each field. In each session, one of our guest expert will share one project and how he overcomes the design and analysis difficulties with MIDAS software in the project. It's a good opportunity for you to gain technical insights in different specialized fields, as well as applying finite element method in structural design and analysis projects.

Engineers of any technical level can participate and benefit from these webinars. Attending the live sessions is totally free of charge. Please click on the following buttons to view session topics in your interested field.

How to Register

  • Please select your interested topics and follow the online registration procedure
  • If you meet any difficulty registering online please contact us via email info@midasit.com