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  • Bang Hwa Bridge

    The Banghwa Bridge crosses the Han River in South Korea and connects the Gangseo-gu in Seoul and Goyang in Gyeonggi Province. The bridge is a part of the Incheon International Airport Expressway. At over 2.5km in length, it is the longest bridge to cross the Han River Though mostly a girder bridge, the middle 540m section is an arch truss, resembling the shape of an airplane taking off.

  • Company

    Sam An Engineering, South Korea

    Software and Solution

    midas Civil
    - Eigen Value Analysis
    - Response Spectrum Analysis
    - Vehicle Load Optimization

  • El Marquéz Bridge

    El Marquéz Bridge is located at Michoacán, Mexico. It is a steel rail way bridge. Moving load analysis has been performed.

  • Company

    COPEC SA de CV, Mexico

    Software and Solution

    midas Civil
    - Response spectrum analysis
    - Eigen value analysis
    - Vehicle load optimization"