Next Generation Solution for Building Analysis and Design

midas nGen is the most advanced structural engineering system, which has integrated the total process of structural engineering practice – 3D modeling, analysis, design and 2D drawings. With the automation and optimization facility, it generates a comprehensive structural drawings, structural calculation reports and quantity takeoffs, which helps the engineers reduce time required to produce high quality design deliverables and gain productivity.

All-in-One Design System

Application Areas

  • Office Structures

    Analysis for more than two independent structures

    Diaphragm setting and analysis can be done conveniently for the structures with more than two Masses.

  • Grable Frame Building

    Drawings considering Construction Shape Model

    Construction shape process (e.g. TOS or Offset) can be performed automatically. As a result, Plan/Section Drawings of factory structures and List Drawings of Lattice Column and Roof Truss can be generated in a short period of time.

  • Water Treatment

    Wall members considering Opening

    For wall member of water treatment structure, opening can be defined and edited easily with CAD function. Also analysis results are reasonably modified to design optimum reinforcement automatically.

  • Sports Facility

    with Large Space

    Easy modeling of truss structure at various angle based on 2D modeling.

  • High-rise RC Building

    This tutorial shows practical design process of a multi-tower building composed ..

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  • Basic Guide

    This example is for those who never had an access to midas nGen previously. Foll..

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