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  • midas Civil
  • Enhancements in midas Civil 2020 (v2.1)

      Civil 2020 (v2.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented. 

      1. Multiple stage post-tensioning in tendon

      2. Auto division of the fiber section(core and cover)

      3. New option for Moving load optimization

      4. Application rule change of Military Load Class

      5. Improvement in calculation of torsional constant for closed composite section

      6. Improvement of the element temperature calculation method for the composite section for C.S

      7. Improvement of the analysis speed for the inelastic time-history analysis

      8. Improvement in GSD - Civil pushover hinge export

      9. Bridge Assessment to the UK standard: CS454/19

      10. RC Design to IS 456:2000 & Crack calculations by IS 3370(Part 2) : 2009

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  • midas Gen
  • Enhancements in midas Gen 2020 (v1.1)

      midas Gen 2020 (v1.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

      midas Gen

      1) Non-Dissipative Element Design as per NTC2018

      2) Enhancement of Stability coefficient table as per NTC 2018

      3) Added Spectrum as per NTC 2018 in Static seismic load & Response Spectrum

      4) Added user input for "qo" in RC design setting as per EC2

      5) Added “Update Rebar Option” in shell/slab/wall design

      6) Improvement of graphic report for column design

      7) Specify Moment-Rotation Hinge Properties with multi curve

      8) Added name box in thickness properties.

      9) Bilinear type spring stiffness for surface spring support

      10) Force/Stress contouring based on center value of plate elements

      11) Added "Node" icon in tool bar


      1) Added moment bolt connection as per AISC 

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  • midas nGen
  • Enhancements in midas nGen 2020 (v1.1)

      nGen 2019 (v1.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

      1. Improvement of Drawing Generation

      Auto-generation of Rebar Arrangement for Longitudinal Section.

      2. Improvement for RC Design

      Addition of  RC Design by elements in wall design (meshed plate)
      Addition of  2-way Shear results for Flat Slab and Foundation
      Addition of  Serviceability design for Slab and Foundation
      Slab and Foundation Design considering Wood-Armer moment
      Enhancement of RC design as per NTC 2018

      3. Improvement for Steel Design

      Addition of Steel Design as per AISC360-16

      4. Addition of nGen - GTS NX Interface

      5. Improvement for Auto-mesh

      Control a mesh size for specific elements
      Generation of Mesh according to 2D interference

      6. Improvement for Wind Load

      Addition of  Wind Load as per Poland national annex

      7. Improvement for Spring Support

      Addition of Distribute Spring Type in Area Spring

      8. Improvement of Stiffness scale factor

      Improvement of Dialog box, Defining method and Target member type

      9. Improvement of Cracked Analysis

      Addition of  Cracked Analysis for 1D element

      10. Improvement of Boundary conditions

      Addition of Nonlinear Spring Properties

      11. Addition of Material DB : Metric material DB as per ASTM/ASTM09

      12. Improvement for Usability

      Selection of member using member number

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  • midas GTS NX
  • Enhancements in GTS NX 2019 (v2.1)

      1. Analysis

      1.1 Construction Stage New Analysis Types;

           - Heat Transfer, Thermal Stress, Seepage-Heat Stress

      1.2 Improving Hyperbolic(Duncan-Change) Model

      1.3 Improving Slope Stability Analysis(SRM)

      1.4 Adding Prescribed Strain Function

      2. Pre/Post Processing

      2.1 Load Table Import/Export

      2.2 Database for Unsaturated Soil

      2.3 Improving the Interaction between Function Table and Excel

      2.4 Extract from Result of Water Level(Line & Surface)

      2.5 Extract with Word Formation from Input Parameter

      2.6 Adding the Extract Function to MIDAS Gen/Civil

      2.7 Dividing Mesh Set with Arbitrary Surface

      2.8 Apply Nonlinear Time History Type for More Than One Stage from   

           Construction Stage Analysis with Stress-Nonlinear Time History

      2.9 Improving Searching Method to Mother Element from Embedded Element

      2.10 Changing the Default Method from Auto Connection

      2.11 Improving Initialize Function 

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  • midas NFX
  • Enhancements in midas NFX 2019 (v1.1)

      1. New View Controls
      2. Result Exctract-new option
      3. Line to Line Contact
      4. Topology Optimization-New Manufacturing conditions
      5. CFD: Reynolds Stress turbulence Model
      6. CFD: Overset Mesh - 3D Elements
      7. CFD: Wall translational motion
      8. CFD: New Wall Type-Particle
      9. CFD: Spring/Damper system
      10. CFD: Collision Wall
      11. CFD: Heat Source-Boundary Condition
      12. CFD: New Function input
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  • SoilWorks
  • Enhancements in SoilWorks 2016(v1.1)


      [Common] Automatic calculation of Stiffness for Complex Cross-Section
      [Common] Mesh Preview
      [Common] Searching Non-assigned Area of Material Properties
      [Common] Moving Bar in Construction Stage Definition
      [Common] Sort Function for Mesh Set Name in Construction Stage Definition
      [Common] Display Improvement
      [Rock] Display Safety Factor on the Work Window
      [Dynamic] Blasting /Train Dynamic Load Generator


      [Slope] Probability and Sensitivity Analyses
      [Slope] Optimization Method in LEM
      [Soft Ground] Replacement Method in 1D Consolidation
      [Seepage] Infinite Boundary Element


      Post Processing
      [Common] Step Slide Bar
      [Common] Multistep IsoSurface
      [Slope] Print Input Data and Result File

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