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Product Updates

  • midas Civil
  • Enhancements in midas Civil 2020 (v3.1)

      Civil 2020 (v3.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented. 

      1. Batch Edit of Tendon Profile

      2. Thickness Data of Plane Strain Element 

      3. Auto-generation of Tendon Profile – Italy Precast Section Types

      4. Geometric Nonlinear Construction  Stage Analysis with Plate Elements

      5. Set-Back for Saddle of Suspension Bridge

      6. Concurrent Forces of Beam Elements for Time History Analysis

      7. Rail traffic loads to AS 5100.2

      8. Heavy Load Platform to AS 5100.2

      9. Rating Vehicles to AS 5100.2

      10. Horizontal Traffic Loads to AS 5100.2

      11. Rating Vehicles to CS 454

      12. Prestressed Girder Design to BS 5400

      13. Improvement of Bridge Assessment to CS 454

      14. AASHTO LRFD 8th Design Standard – PSC/Composite Section, RC Section

      15. AASHTO LRFD 8th Design Standard – Steel Composite Section

      16. AASHTO LRFD 8th Load Combination – Auto Generation

      17. Orthogonal effect of Seismic Load: AASHTO LRFD

      18. RC Design as per IRS specifications

      19. Polish Design Report

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  • midas Gen
  • Enhancements in midas Gen 2020 (v2.1)

      midas Gen 2020 (v2.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

      midas Gen

      1) Improvement of Vertical Member Design
      2) Insert strength loss option for EC8 hinge type
      3) Improvement about masonry pushover analysis and post processing
      4) Energy result graph & additional damping ratio in time-history analysis results
      5) Reaction table for each step in pushover
      6) Select Inelastic Hinge Result Output in Inelastic time history analysis
      7) Improvement in analysis speed for inelastic time history analysis
      8) Result summary table of fiber beam, wall for inelastic hinge
      9) Gen-Revit 2020 interface
      10) Non-dissipative element design for slab as per NTC2018
      11) Improvement of slab design as per EC2 and NTC
      12) Improvement of non-dissipative design
      13) Improvement of inelastic material model
      14) Improvement of joint design as per EC2 and NTC
      15) Cyclic shear resistance check as per EN1998-3:2005 & NTC2018

      midas Design+

      1) Steel design tool as per AISC
      2) Anchor bolt module as per ACI

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  • midas nGen
  • Enhancements in midas nGen 2020 (v2.1)

      nGen 2020 (v2.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

      1. Seismic Detail as per EC8 / NTC2018

      2. Addition of footing member

      3. Improvement of pile arrangement

      4. Addition of basement member

      5. Improvement of Load Combinations

      6. Auto-Generation by Load Combination as per EC8 and NTC2018

      7. Seismic Design Check (Strong column–weak beam Check)

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  • midas GTS NX
  • Enhancements in GTS NX 2019 (v2.1)

      1. Analysis

      1.1 Construction Stage New Analysis Types;

           - Heat Transfer, Thermal Stress, Seepage-Heat Stress

      1.2 Improving Hyperbolic(Duncan-Change) Model

      1.3 Improving Slope Stability Analysis(SRM)

      1.4 Adding Prescribed Strain Function

      2. Pre/Post Processing

      2.1 Load Table Import/Export

      2.2 Database for Unsaturated Soil

      2.3 Improving the Interaction between Function Table and Excel

      2.4 Extract from Result of Water Level(Line & Surface)

      2.5 Extract with Word Formation from Input Parameter

      2.6 Adding the Extract Function to MIDAS Gen/Civil

      2.7 Dividing Mesh Set with Arbitrary Surface

      2.8 Apply Nonlinear Time History Type for More Than One Stage from   

           Construction Stage Analysis with Stress-Nonlinear Time History

      2.9 Improving Searching Method to Mother Element from Embedded Element

      2.10 Changing the Default Method from Auto Connection

      2.11 Improving Initialize Function 

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  • midas NFX
  • Enhancements in midas NFX 2020R1

      1. CAD Interface Update
      2. Function: general improvements
      3. Load/Constraint Reference Restraint
      4. CFD: Non-Newtonian Fluid
      5. CFD: Initial Condition for multiple domains
      6. CFD: Save and Stop solver option
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  • SoilWorks
  • Enhancements in SoilWorks 2020(v1.1)


      [Slope & Ground] Partial Factor

      [SoftGround] Generating the report from 1D consolidation analysis

      [Slope] Display the horizontal seismic force in free body diagram from Limit Equilibrium Method (LEM)

      [Slope] Display the reinforced forces from Limit Equilibrium Method (LEM)

      [Seepage] Multi flux result function

      [Seepage] Saturation result function

      [Common] Size control function for Result Tag (Tunnel/Slope/Seepage/Softground/Dynamic)

      [Seepage] Display Seepage flow on the Total Head result



      [Foundation] Including an Acceleration of Convergence

      [Slope] Updated slice segmentation

      [Dynamic] Generation of artificial earthquake

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