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  • Program
  • midas Civil
  • Version
  • Civil 2020 (v3.2)
  • Posted
  • 2020. 09. 04


Civil 2020 (v3.2) patch download link above is for 64-bit OS.

Who should download this patch?

Anyone who is using Civil 2020 (v3.1)

In order to download patch files for 32-bit OS, click [Download Link for 32bit].

How to update midas Civil with the official patch

        1. Download the official patch file first.
        2. Unzip the downloaded official patch file.
        3. Copy all the items within the unzipped patch folder.
        4. Paste (overwrite) it into the folder where midas Civil is installed.

This patch includes the following improvements in Civil 2020 (v3.2), Build date: September. 7. 2020

1. Improvement of Bridge Assessment to CS 454 : Crack Width of External/Unbonded Prestressing

2. Improvement of Bridge Assessment to CS 454 : Torsional Reserve Factor Results

3. Improvement of Prestressed Girder Design to BS 5400 : Longitudinal Shear

4. AASHTO LRFD 8th Design Standard - Steel Section

5. Warping Normal Stress for Steel Composite Section Design to AASHTO LRFD 

This patch has fixed the following errors found in Civil 2020 (v3.1), Build date: May. 27. 2020

1. [Tendon re-tension] For the re-tension of tendon, relaxation losses are incorrectly calculated. When one tendon among cables in a beam is re-tensioned, stresses in the other tendons are displayed as zero in the Tendon Loss table.

2. While using the standard vehicle from AS5100.2 - Heavy Load Platform (Both HLP320 PR HLP400), program gives this error: "ERROR IN READ MODEL DATA : R_MOVE_AUST"

3. Analysis stopped with the error message below when the model included 7 dof of composite section, nonlinear point spring support and moving load analysis. 




4. Analysis stopped while moving load optimization was performed for the BD 37/01.

5. [Moving Load Analysis to Eurocode]

- Tracer Results were not matching with moving load analysis results. This was happening when there were two moving load cases with railway vehicles, one with Dynamic Allowance Factor and anther without Dynamic Allowance Factor.

- Incorrect centrifugal forces from moving load tracer for the LM 71 train load. This was happening when the lanes were defined with the 'Lane Element' method.

6. Analysis stopped with the following error message when point spring supports were used in the construction stage Non-linear analysis. This was happening when some components of point spring supports were fixed.

 Spring Element Property is not Proper.

7.  [Moving load analysis to CS 454]

- While performing moving load optimization with ALL Model 1, the uniformly distributed load was not applied in the remaining area. Even in this release, the moving load optimization fuction does not take into account the remaining area for UDL which needs to be defined separately by the user. 

- When performing moving load optimization, the Moving Load Tracer crashed when trying to view the results for two different load cases at the time of the second load case.

- When performing moving load optimization for the combined ALL Model 2 and SV 196, SV 196 was not applied when the lane width was smaller than 2.65m which corresponded to vehicle width.

- The difference in the results between Moving Load Tracer and converted static loads for the combined ALL Model 2 and HB : This was happening when HB load was defining using user-defined vehicle and the unit of HB was other than 30.

8. [Moving load analysis to Polish code] 

When there were more than one moving load case for optimization, the results of the second moving load case were wrong.

9. [Beam  Section Temperature] 

The analysis results were wrong when Beam Section Temperature load was applied to Composite PSC section (Composite-I, Composite-T, Composite-PSC ).

10. [Inelastic  time history analysis]

- Initial axial force of PM Multi-Curve hinge was not properly saved and thus the associated hinge reached failure status unexpectedly.

- Time history analysis was running very slow. The analysis was stuck at 13% and not moving ahead.

11. [GSD]

- The area of rebars shown on the corner of bottom-right side was incorrect for a huge section.

- Yield moment at axial force = 0 was shown as zero when hinge property was imported from midas GSD. This was happening when moment-curvature calculation was not converged for a very large size of section.

12. [Steel  Composite Girder Design to Eurocode

When trying to define longitudinal stiffeners for the composite-general section, the program gives the following error message.

Can’t Find DgnBaseManager.dgne