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  • midas Civil
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  • Civil 2020 (v1.2)
  • Posted
  • 2019. 10. 18


Civil 2020 (v1.2) patch download link above is for 64-bit OS.

Who should download this patch?

Anyone who is using Civil 2020 (v1.1)

In order to download patch files for 32-bit OS, click [Download Link for 32bit].

How to update midas Civil with the official patch

        1. Download the official patch file first.
        2. Unzip the downloaded official patch file.
        3. Copy all the items within the unzipped patch folder.
        4. Paste (overwrite) it into the folder where midas Civil is installed.

This patch has fixed the following errors found in Civil 2020 (v1.1), Build date: July. 30. 2019

1. The transverse lane optimization results were not consistent with the equivalent static load case generated from the Moving Load Tracer.

2. The report for RSI analysis was not getting generated. The error message was "There is no base file!.".

3. [PSC design to AS 5100.5: 2017] 

  1) Crack control was not performed when load combinations were manually defined.

  2) Incremental stresses in the tendon were incorrect for the crack control.

4. The hinge properties calculated in GSD were not exported to midas Civil.

5. The program crashed. This was caused by the loads to be Distinguished from Dead Load(CS). This was happening when the number of Erection Load (CS) was greater than 3.