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  • Program
  • midas FEA NX
  • Version
  • FEA 2016 (v1.1)
  • Posted
  • 2018. 11. 14


This patch has fixed the following errors found in FEA 2016 (v1.1) Build date: August 4, 2015:

1) Auto load step function for construction stage analysis.

2) Compression-only point spring does not work in the 'Nonlinear Static' analysis.

3) Error on calculating stress regarding time dependent material.

4) Cannot view the results based on cylindrical coordinate system.

5) The time history plot is not obtained. 6) Program crashes on extract results regarding crack analysis results. 7) [Heat Transfer analysis] The solver is crashing. 8) The reactions are not obtained for response spectrum analysis. 9) Analysis error with grid reinforcement. 10) Reinforcement is not considered with plate offset value. 11) Tendon profile data is not exported as expected when exporting 'Frame Section for Solid' from midas Civil.  The generated mcs file has very few coordinates for tendon profile. 12) The program crashes when trying to plot "On diagram Curve" Results. 13) [Load to Mass] The "Beam Loads" are incorrectly converted to mass when the unit is set to N, mm. But, it is correctly converted with the kN-m unit. "Plate Edge Loads" are correctly converted regardless of the unit setting.

14) When performing fatigue analysis, the following message appears. "FatigueSolver.exe file does not exist."

Please download the patch and extract it into the 'midas FEA' folder.