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nGen 2020 (v2.2) official patch

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  • 2020.07.10
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Dear clients,

Official patch of nGen 2020 (v2.2) has been uploaded in the MUSS website. 

This patch has fixed the following errors found in nGen 2020 (v2.1), Build date: April.18. 2020.

1. When generating mesh for 2D member, the outline of the drop panel and rigid region was not taken into account.

2. The seismic loads generated according to UBC 97 had the following error.

   - In the calculation of the approximate period, method 1 was applied although method 2 or 3 was selected.

   - The values of Ca and Cv were incorrect in the dialog box for static seismic load.

3. It was not possible to import the mgt file (midas gen file) containing the plane load.

4. It was not possible to export the model containing a general column to an mgt file (midas Gen file).

5. When applying the floor load, the footing girder and pedestal members were not selected.

This patch has been improved the following items in nGen 2020 (v2.1), Build date: April.18. 2020.

1. Rebar DB (SNI) for Indonesia has been added..

2. Rigid region feature considering the cross section of the wall column has been added..

3. The design speed of the isolated footing according to EC2:2004 has been improved

4. The stiffness of the load surface has been improved so as not to affect the load distribution.

5. The name of NTC 12 material database for concrete. and rebar has been changed to NTC18.

This patch has been improved and fixed the following items in midas Drawing (v2.5.0.3), Build date: May. 04, 2020.

1. In structural plan drawing, the rebar information of the beam has been added.

2. At the joint of the isolated footing and RC column, a vertical rebar details for anchorage were abnormally generated.