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Gen 2020 (v1.3) official patch

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  • 2020.04.02
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Dear clients,

Official patch of Gen 2020 (v1.3) has been uploaded in the MUSS website. Since Gen 2020 (v1.1) was released on Sep. 06, the following errors have been fixed.

1. [NTC2018] In the formula of vertical design spectrum, 'β*ag' was applied instead of 'β*avg'.

   Svd (T) = ag*S*Fv/q (Tc/T) > β*avg

2. [EC2: 04] The maximum rebar ratio for shell design has been changed from 1% to 4%.

3. [NTC2018] In the design of non-dissipative beam, the Myd values were identical along the beam.

4. When tendon was introduced in the composite section under construction stage analysis, creep deformation was calculated incorrectly.

5. [NTC2018] Rebar area of a column hoop was incorrectly converted when changing the unit in the graphic design report.

6. Time history analysis was performed abnormally when the initial load was defined in 'Global Control' dialog box.

7. For the ‘Box’ section of 'UNI' section DB,  plastic section modulus was the same as elastic section modulus. Plastic section modulus has been corrected.

The patch is available at the patch page. Protection Key ID remains the same as Gen 2020 (v1.1)

Best regards,
MIDAS Support