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Gen 2020 (v1.2) official patch

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  • 2019.11.26
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Dear clients,

Official patch of Gen 2020 (v1.2) has been uploaded in the MUSS website. Since Gen 2020 (v1.1) was released on Sep. 06, the following errors have been fixed.

1. Thickness name was incorrectly displayed in the "Thickness Properties" dialog box. 

2. The symbol of Beam End Release was not displayed for "Mb" in the model window. 

3. For the non-dissipative design as per NTC 2018, 

 - Shear design was performed by the elastic load combinations, instead of the ultimate design combinations. 

 - The eccentricity of the Y-direction was incorrectly taken from the X-direction for the column design. 

 - S (soil factor) was incorrectly applied for the selected category in the static seismic load. 

4. In the slab design, 

 - The basic rebar data was missing in the legend. 

 - When the additional rebar was selected as "None", the rebar data was wrong in the legend. 

5. The shear design of the circular column was displayed as zero.

The patch is available at the patch page. Protection Key ID remains the same as Gen 2020 (v1.1)

Best regards,
MIDAS Support