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nGen 2020(v1.2) official patch

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  • 2019.11.14
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Dear clients,

Official patch of nGen 2020(v1.2) has been uploaded in the MUSS website. Since nGen 2020(v1.1) was released on July 31, the following errors have been fixed.

      1. The output value of "qz" was 0.0 in wind load report as per Polish NA.
      2. Temperature load was not applied to solid elements.
      3. Steel design for general section as per EN 1993-1-1,
         - Steel code checking was peformed even though "General Section Strength reduction
           factor" was selected as "Not Consider". 

         - The uint of bending strength about the weak axis was incorrect (kN → kN.m).
      4. nGen failed to import a thickness data of plate element of Gen 2020(v1.1).

      5. Local axial member force were swithch between I-end and J-end is exchanged when designing plate beam.

      6. W
ind pressure was incorrectly calculated when creating wind load function as per Polish NA.

      7. Flat slab and foundation could not be selected when assigning a snow load.

The patch is available at the patch page. Protection Key ID remains the same as nGen 2020(v1.1)

Best regards,
MIDAS Support