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Enhancements in GTS NX 2019(v2.1)

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  • 2019.09.20
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MIDAS GTS NX 2019(v2.1) has been released.

The following features and improvements have been added:

1. Analysis

1.1 Construction Stage New Analysis Types;

     - Heat Transfer, Thermal Stress, Seepage-Heat Stress

1.2 Improving Hyperbolic(Duncan-Change) Model

1.3 Improving Slope Stability Analysis(SRM)

1.4 Adding Prescribed Strain Function

2. Pre/Post Processing

2.1 Load Table Import/Export

2.2 Database for Unsaturated Soil

2.3 Improving the Interaction between Function Table and Excel

2.4 Extract from Result of Water Level(Line & Surface)

2.5 Extract with Word Formation from Input Parameter

2.6 Adding the Extract Function to MIDAS Gen/Civil

2.7 Dividing Mesh Set with Arbitrary Surface

2.8 Apply Nonlinear Time History Type for More Than One Stage from   

     Construction Stage Analysis with Stress-Nonlinear Time History

2.9 Improving Searching Method to Mother Element from Embedded Element

2.10 Changing the Default Method from Auto Connection

2.11 Improving Initialize Function 

For more details, please refer to the attached midas GTS NX 2019(v2.1) Release Note.