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Civil 2019 (v2.2): Plate Beam and Plate Column (1D) Design to IRC 112:2011

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  • 2019.04.26
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Civil 2019 (v2.2) Plate Beam and Plate Column (1D) Design to IRC 112:2011

● Plate elements can now be designed with the same method of designing conventional 1D elements such as beam or column as per IRC 112: 2011.

● The plate design is performed for defined sub-domain. Member Type is chosen according to the purpose of the design. (e.g. Plate Beam (1D) : Slab Design and Plate Column (1D) : Abutment / Sidewall Design).

● Rebar Direction for the main rebar and distribution rebar can be defined using Local Coordinate System, UCS or Reference Axis.

● The results of plate design can be checked in table format and also both Graphic and Detail report can be outputted.

● Positive/Negative Bending moment capacity, shear capacity and crack checks can be performed and the detail results can be obtained from this function.

● The main target of this function is culvert and abutment. Axial force is not critical when we are designing culvert or abutment. Therefore this feature does not consider the benefit of axial force in calculation of flexural strength. However the calculation of axial resistance is provided in checking mode.