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Enhancements in GTSNX 2019(v1.1)

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  • 2018.08.29
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midas GTSNX 2019(v1.1) has been released.

The following features and improvements have been added:


1.1 Construction Stage new analysis types:

      - Heat Transfer, Thermal Stress, Seepage-Heat Stress

1.2 Soft Soil Creep – Tensile Strength

1.3 Analysis Settings update

1.4 Interface Relative Displacement result output request

1.5 Nonlinear Time History/SRM - Analysis Case update

Pre/Post Processing

2.1 Material/Property/Contact thermal properties
2.2 Layer Control tool
2.3 Result History Output Probes, History Graph
2.4 Flow path
2.5 Slice plane vector
2.6 GTS NX Gen Civil result exchange
2.7 Load Table Import/Export

For more details, please refer to the attached midas GTS NX 2019(v1.1) Release Note.