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Enhancements in Gen 2019 (v1.1)

  • Date Posted
  • 2018.07.20
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Gen 2019 (v1.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

midas Gen

(1) Member Design as per NTC 2018

(2) Improvement of post-processing in material nonlinear analysis

(3) Structure wizard of transmission tower

(4)Improvement of post-processing in time-history analysis results

(5) Improvement of Torsional Irregularity table

(6) Automatic application of reduction factor for irregular structure

(7) Definition of Loading Area Group

(8) Wind pressure function

(9) Improvement of viscoelastic damper

(10) Addition of Energy Result Graph

(11) Multi-linear type elastic spring/ link for interface with GTS NX

(12) Improvement of multi-linear type elastic spring/ link

(13) Nonlinear Elastic Links for Pushover Analysis

(14) Tekla Structure 2018 Interface

(15) Reinforcement bar as per SS560 : 2010

midas Design+

(1) SRCcolumn as per AISC-LRFD 10M

(2) CFT column asper AISC-LRFD 10M

(3)Carbonfiber reinforcedconcrete

(4)Aluminum beam/ column as per ADM

(5) Improvement of Rib plate for base plate