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New midas GTS NX 2018 v1.2 install

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  • 2018.03.16
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In current midas GTS NX2018 v1.2 several major issues has been resolved:

- Import Cad formats: STEP, IGES, ACIS  has been fixed.
- Coulomb Friction option for Shell Interface has been corrected.
- Hardening Soil with small stiffness material model has been improved.
- Time step results for analysis with Creep were not displayed. Now fixed.
- 2D Mesher: Register as Independent Mesh Sets was not working – Now fixed.
- Results that were not output by element in the History Output have been fixed.
- History graph tool has been corrected: issues with displaying of Effective Stresses.
- Critical initialization errors has been fixed: sudden crash after opening the model.
- Compatibility issues with Microsoft Excel export tool (table) when Russian language has been used.