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Enhancements in Civil 2018 (v2.1)

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  • 2018.02.02
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Civil 2018 (v2.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

Analysis & Design

  1. Plate Beam and Plate Column Design as per Eurocode
  2. Accelerating, breaking and centrifugal force in Moving Load (AASHTO and PennDOT)
  3. Improvement on Traffic Lane Function
  4. Addition of Legal & Permit Load as per AASHTO LRFD
  5. Improvement of Moving load analysis as per Poland Standard
  6. Moving Load Optimization to Poland Standard
  7. Improvement on Steel Tub  torsional resistance
  8. Construction Stage Analysis considering material non-linearity
  9. Addition of artificial earthquake generation function of dynamic analysis
  10. Seismic analysis based on Base Line Correction when Multiple Support Excitation is applied
  11. Implementation of Australian Time Dependent Material property standard
  12. Implementation of Steel Girder Design as per IRC 24 - 2010

Pre & Post-Processing

  1. Revit 2018 interface
  2. Reinforcement data interchange between Civil and GSD
  3. Improvement on bridge wizard function