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Download Content from the 3IBS: Understanding Staged Construction

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  • 2009.06.09
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With over a hundred delegates, this year’s Third International Bridge Seminar demonstrated the continuing interest and commitment to the dynamic field of bridge engineering and construction. Experts, professors, academics and researchers from the field took part and observed the latest technology and techniques in bridge design and construction. This day-long event also gave the opportunity for speakers, attendants, organizers and sponsors to network and share their experiences and knowledge.

Presentation lectures from the seminar are now posted below for free downloading. Tutorials on staged construction with midas Civil, a technical document of an extradosed bridge, and MIDAS brochures and videos are also available for download as well. Online membership is required (membership is free) .

Presentations -
click here to download all the presentation files (~30mb) , or click the topics below to download individually

“A 'Vierendeel' Grillage for Composite Prestressed Concrete Slab in Staged Construction Analysis" - Ana Arnal - Ingeneria Zero
“Integration of Staged Construction and Time-Dependent Effects into the Design of Bridges" - Andrew Hodgkinson - Hewson Consulting Engineers
“Bridge Construction Stage Analysis using Distortions" - Dmitry Maslov - Insitute Giprostroymost
“The Influence of Time and Temperature on the Behaviour of Prestressed Concrete Structures" - George England - Imperial College
“Bridge Construction Stage Analysis in midas Civil" -
Jurriaan Platenburg - TNO DIANA BV
“Experience in Staged Construction at SHP, Analysis of the Bridge across Rio Ebro" -
Petr Novotny - Strasky, Husty and Partners
“Phu My Cable Stayed Bridge" - Sam Khan - Tony Gee and Partners
Tutorials - Construction Stages with midas Civil (~36mb)

Technical Document - Extradosed Bridge (~1.2mb)

MIDAS Product Brochures - download (~22mb)

MIDAS Product Video - download (~33mb)

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