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Enhancements in Gen 2018 (v1.1)

  • Date Posted
  • 2017.06.30
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Gen 2018(v1.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

midas Gen
(1) Generation of Seismic Loads as per Romanian Code (P100-1, 2013)
(2) Seismic Design of Steel Structure as per TWN-ASD96 & TWN-LSD96
(3) Cracked Section Analysis of Slab as per ACI
(4) Change of plate Local Axis 
(5) Import & Export of Nodal Results (for GTX)
(6) Calculation of Performance Point as per FEMA 440 in Pushover Analysis
(7) Time History Analysis of the Model with Seismic Control Device
(8) Deflection Check of Steel Beam for AISC & KSSC
(9) Output of Detailed Report for Lateral Length (Lb) as per AISC & TWN & KSSC
(10) Application of Surface Spring Supports for Local x-direction
(11) Concrete damaged plasticity model

midas Design+
(1) UI renewal
(2) RC Beam & Column design as per Eurocode2 (2004)
(3) Design for Moment Resisting Joint with Bolt as per Eurocode3 (2005)
(4) Design for Base Plate as per Eurocode3 (2005)
(5) Preference Setting
(6) Add Korean code and Aluminum Design

Note: The release note for Gen 2018 (v1.1) includes all the enhancements made in Gen 2017 (v2.1).