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Enhancements in midas NFX 2017R1

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  • 2016.09.01
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midas NFX 2017R1 has been released. The following features and improvements have been added:

1. Modeling

1.1. Complex Cross Section shape for 1D elements

1.2. Weld element improvement

1.3. Line Contact feature

1.4. CFD BC for translational periodicy and symmetry

1.5. Conductivity parameter for Thin Wall BC 

2. Analysis

2.1. Multi Subcase support for Topology Optimization

2.2. Fatigue - new design constraint for TO

2.3. Tet element formulation improvement 

2.4. 2-way Fluid Structure Interaction

2.5. Multhiphase flow - Volume of Fluid

3. Post-Processing

3.1. Arbitrary Surface/Solid data averaging

3.2. Streamline selection improvement

For more details, please refer to the attached midas NFX 2017R1 Release Note.