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Enhancements in Civil 2016 (v2.1)

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  • 2016.03.03
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Civil 2016 (v2.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

Analysis & Design

   1) Material Nonlinear Analysis with Beam Elements
   2) Material nonlinear analysis of a layer in plate elements
   3) Triple Friction Pendulum Isolator
   4) Multi-Threading Analysis Solver for Moving Load Analysis
   5) Warping DOF for Moving Load Analysis
   6) Tendon Location for Composite Section
   7) Traffic Lane Optimization within user-defined lane width (Eurocode, BS)
   8) PSC Composite Section Design to EN 1992-2
   9) Composite Steel Tub/Box Section Design to EN 1994-2
 10) PSC Composite Section Design to AASHTO LRFD12
 11) PSC Composite Section Rating to AASHTO LRFR
 12) PSC Composite Section Design to IRC 112-2012
 13) Reinforced Concrete Section Design to IRC 112-2011

Pre & Post-Processing

  1) Von-Mises & Maximum Shear Stress Contour in Model View  
  2) New Section and Material Database for Cold-formed Steel
  3) Nodal Coordinate Table in UCS
  4) Improvement on Plate Local Axis
  5) Improvement on Soil Pressure
  6) Different Unit Setting for Tables and Graphs in Dynamic Report
  7) Improvement on the calculation of Section Properties