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Enhancements in SoilWorks 2016(v1.1)

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  • 2016.02.02
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SoilWorks 2016(v1.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.


[Common] Automatic calculation of Stiffness for Complex Cross-Section
[Common] Mesh Preview
[Common] Searching Non-assigned Area of Material Properties
[Common] Moving Bar in Construction Stage Definition
[Common] Sort Function for Mesh Set Name in Construction Stage Definition
[Common] Display Improvement
[Rock] Display Safety Factor on the Work Window
[Dynamic] Blasting /Train Dynamic Load Generator


[Slope] Probability and Sensitivity Analyses
[Slope] Optimization Method in LEM
[Soft Ground] Replacement Method in 1D Consolidation
[Seepage] Infinite Boundary Element


Post Processing
[Common] Step Slide Bar
[Common] Multistep IsoSurface
[Slope] Print Input Data and Result File


For more details, please refer to the attached SoilWorks 2016(v1.1) Release Note.