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Enhancements in SoilWorks 2013 (v2.1)

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  • 2013.05.09
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SoilWorks 2013(v2.1) is now available.

In SoilWorks 2013(v2.1), Rock module, Stereographic Analysis & LEM for Rock Slope, have been newly implemented.

The following features have been enhanced for the other modules as well.

  • [Slope] Review the Critical Height of Embankment
  • [Slope] Tension Crack & Cut Failure Surface Boundary
  • [Slope] Reinforcement Types and Advanced Option for LEM
  • [Seepage] Seepage Rate Option for Rainfall Intensity
  • [Common] Extension of CAD function
  • [Common] Calculation of Result Combination
  • [Common] On-Curve Diagram

           and much more...


For details, please refer to the attached SoilWorks 2013(v2.1) Release Note.