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Vassilios Zagkas

Founding Partner, SimFWD, Greece

Dr. Zagkas is a naval architect and marine engineer with 15 years of experience. His expertise and interests in include ship design, ship theory calculations, CFD/FEM, software development, etc.


2013 Aug - Present: Founding Partner, SimFWD

2006 Sep - Present: Manager | Engineering Development, NAVAL ARCHITECTURE PROGRESS(NAP)

2008 Jan - 2013 July: Researcher, Laboratory of Maritime Transport, NTUA

Experience and interest in the following topics:
- Ship Design
- Ship Theory Calculations
- Multidisciplinary Simulation Engineering
- Applied CFD / FEM Analysis
- Agent Based Modelling
- Software Development and Support
- Research Projects

Special Skills:
Ropax - Cruise Ship Design, Classification and Statutory Compliance for New-building and Retro-fitting projects, Ship Hydrodynamic and Structural Optimization

Vassilios Zagkas MIDAS knowledge sharing

  • Conference Journal

    An Integrated Workflow for Rapid Structural and Hydrodynamic Analysis of Ships and Offshore Structures

    June 10, 2015

    A analysis project carried out with midas NFX. It was presented during the COMPIT 2015 Conference by Dr. Zagkas Download the material

  • Webinar

    An Effective Workflow of FEA in Ship Design Project

    July 3, 2015

    A webinar in which Dr. Zagkas presents a unified designer-centered workflow between modelling and analysis of complex ships and offshore Download the material

Vassilios Zagkas and MIDAS

Dr. Zagkas is both a partner and user of MIDAS IT's mechanical engineering product midas NFX. In one of the interviews, he commented on different aspects of midas NFX as following:

Pre-Processor of midas NFX

midas NFX has a natural interface that one can easily handle after getting familiar with the basics. The pre-processor is strong and robust in a way that it makes the analysis work easy to pick up and begin to work on. Some examples are provided below:

NFX provides a number of dedicated tools to repair the geometry. After importing the geometry, the engineer usually needs to correct minor problems: joining edges, removing holes, merging surfaces, etc. NFX has the exact tools for these tasks. Some advanced operations are also readily available such as using “Boolean Operation”, where I can easily abstract the hull’s imprint from the water domain within several clicks.

The meshing ability is very powerful too. Unlike other software packages which only support auto-meshing functions, NFX has the flexibility to support manual mesh creation and correction. This is especially useful in complex design processes, such as in ship designing, where multiple software packages are used and meshes need to be adjusted after being imported from another platform. Mesh quality and topology, connectivity, and contacts between different parts can also be checked using dedicated tools. These tools contribute to more reliable final results.

In addition, it’s very convenient to handle the model in a way that simplifies your work, such as displaying a specific area of the model, locating elements with unmerged nodes, selecting the parts in accordance with certain conditions, etc.

Analysis Capacity of midas NFX

NFX offers exceptional analysis capabilities (linear, nonlinear, dynamic, CFD, optimization, etc.) In fact, I personally think very few FE-codes can boast about having such a complete package, needless to say that many different types of analyses can be performed on one single platform in NFX. The licensing structure (pre/post processor + optional modules) makes it a very convenient tool for the current market as well.

Post Processing of midas NFX

The visualization aspect of the software is advanced as NFX provides an array of useful tools to visualize and interpret the results. For example, there are functions which can map the requested pressure forces directly on the hull body and If needed you can extract the requested results at any time step on any part of the model.

The auto-generation of the report is a useful function as well, as it saves me a great deal of time when making a report, and lets me concentrate more on the analysis at hand.

Price of midas NFX

NFX’s pricing structure is very competitive amongst the other high level CAE solutions and, as opposed to many other FE-codes, in midas NFX the license pricing is not charged per core, so a user can use all available cores on his local machine and still benefit from only requiring a single license.