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Amit Nirmal

CAE Engineer, Shirsh Design Solutions, India

Amit Nirmal is specialized in solar energy and mechanical FEA analysis .


Amit Nirmal, specialist of CAD and CAE, currently works at Shirsh TechnoSolutions (www.shirsh.com) for CAD/CAE training with ECIL and Solar Energy Installations.

Amit has more than 10 years experience with CAE analysis. He's expert level user of most common FEA tools such as Nastran, ANSYS, SolidWorks simulation etc.

Amit Nirmal MIDAS knowledge sharing

Amit Nirmal and MIDAS

Amit is midas NFX partner in India.

In the interview Amit commends midas NFX because of its speed to catch up with for first time users, also because of its analysis capability. He also made result comparison between midas NFX and other famous software.