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MIDAS 2015 Tech Talk in Poland

May 12~14, 2015, Wrocław and Kraków

MIDAS 2015 Tech Talk in Poland was co-hosted by MIDAS IT and our Polish partner JD Engineering. The purpose of this event is to share latest global trends to model and analyze bridges. Apart from speeches from MIDAS IT, local engineers were invited from ARUP and Skanska to share their experience.

Event Speakers

  • Orest Owczarski

    Bridge Engineer, Arup

    Mr. Owczarski is a bridge engineer working for ARUP. He was one of the main speaker for MIDAS 2015 TECHTALK, Poland.

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  • Michał Zegan

    Bridge Engineer, Arup

    Mr. Zegan is a bridge engineer with 4 years experience in the analysis and design of bridge structures. His experience includes detailed design of various structures and technical evaluation of existing bridge structures.

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  • Mariusz Szczepanik

    Bridge Designer, Skanska S.A.

    Mr. Szczepanik is a bridge design engineer working with Skanska since 1998. He gave speeches at both MIDAS Technical Wave in Poland 2014 and MIDAS TECHTALK in Poland 2015.

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  • Łukasz Jarno

    Owner, JD Engineering, Poland

    Ph.D. research in the field of pre-stressed composite bridge girders made of high performance concrete

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