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Assessment of Highway Bridges

  • 56min
  • English
  • midas Civil
  • Advanced Training
  • 2016. 11. 10

Highway bridge assessment account for one of the highest percentage of bridge engineering projects. However, even now days, performing an assessment is regarded as cumbersome due to the nature of the iterative process involving the traffic loads calculation. To overcome this, in this webinar, attendees will be introduced how to utilise automated functions for the calculation of live loading whilst allowing engineers to manually intervene to the process to verify the results.

Featured Topics
In this webinar, through a case study of a steel composite bridge, we will discuss:
- Overview of bridge assessment process in midas Civil
- Automated function for BD21 loading calculation including factors
- Extracting and cross checking the assessment results

Recommended to
Any engineer who has ever wanted to
- stop looking for workarounds and find a total solution for bridge assessment
- obtain desired results in a single round whilst avoiding repetitive process
- instantly get and check automatically calculated live loadings for the assessment
- cut down the time needed for the assessment by 53% on average