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Design of Balang Island Bridge: Longest Span of Cable Stayed Concrete Bridge in Indonesia

  • 30min
  • English
  • midas Civil
  • Guest Webinar
  • 2015. 12. 24

Webinar Overview

Balang Island Cable Stayed Bridge is located in East Kalimantan (Borneo) Province, Indonesia, that will connect Balang Island and Tempadung in Balikpapan District. The bridge has main span of 402m, representing longest span concrete bridge of its kind, and total length of 804m. The pylon has 113m high from the top of pile cap. For stability reason, an intermediate pier was designed at distance of 70m from the abutment at each side, on which 8 large capacity viscous dampers were proposed to be installed connecting those piers and the bridge deck. The design was performed using Midas Civil 3D Model. This presentation will then discuss various matters related to the design process, including the wind tunnel test.

Who will benefit from this webinar

  • Engineers and Academics interested in design and analyse bridges.
  • midas Civil users and learners interested in learning about how to maximize the benefit using midas Civil in bridge project.

About MIDAS Expert Webinar

MIDAS expert webinar series is a new training program that aims to help engineers gain technical insights in applying finite element method in structural design and analysis projects. Every month, we will host a webinar, in which one of our guest expert will share one project and how he overcomes the design and analysis difficulties with MIDAS software in the project. It's a good opportunity for you to gain technical insights in different specialized fields, as well as applying finite element method in structural design and analysis projects. Please check the bridge webinar topics here.