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Basic Principles of Nonlinear Static Analysis

  • 63min
  • English
  • midas NFX
  • Basic Training
  • 2015. 10. 22

Have you ever realized that our world is not linear? If you haven’t, then please take a minute and observe the things around you. We are living in a world of large deformations, nonlinear plastic behavior and nonlinear contacts… Sorry for the truth, everything is more complex than what we think it is!

Fortunately, there are many ways to simulate nonlinear phenomena with a very good accuracy using the special analysis techniques that will be presented during this webinar.

This webinar will have a strong impact on how you considered FE Analysis up to now if you always stayed in the linear analysis range.

This is what we will teach during this webinar:
1.Introduction to nonlinear analysis
2.Types of Nonlinearities
3.Nonlinear analysis challenges
4.Practical nonlinear analysis applications
5.Demonstration example