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FEA Introduction and General Use

  • 56min
  • English
  • midas FEA NX
  • Product Demo
  • 2015. 01. 19

High-end projects with complex geometry and loading pose a variety of unique challenges for engineers. It is essential to use refined analysis methods since conventional methods are not accepted by design codes for these projects. These difficulties have caused engineers to use finite element software for these analyses. However, the limited functionality of these programs has caused engineers to typically convert their finite element models into 1D elements in an effort to save time and effort. This leads to a significant reduction of the accuracy of the calculations as well as designs that are over-conservative. 

midas FEA has been specifically designed to overcome all of these challenges. Its advanced functionality enables you to create highly detailed models with plate and solid elements that produce equally precise and reliable results. With midas FEA you will be able to perform high-end analyses with unprecedented levels of confidence and efficiency. You will also be able to greatly expand your range of design capabilities. Projects that may have been beyond your scope will now be attainable since midas FEA greatly expedites work processes that previously required exorbitant amounts of time and effort to complete. Engineers have widely used midas FEA for projects such as plain and reinforced concrete structures, concrete damage and cracking, plain and reinforced masonry structures, composite structures, steel structures, foundations, and offshore structures.

This webinar will elaborate on the advanced functionalities of midas FEA compared to frame modeling software. Session will also include the discussion over the software’s pre, post and analysis capabilities. The viewers will be able to conveniently grasp the entire work process of midas FEA.