Construction Stage Analysis of FCM using General Functions

  • Bridge Engineering
  • midas Civil
  • 2016.10.13

In this tutorial the sequence for construction stage analysis is outlined.  The example selected is a prestressed concrete box girder bridge  constructed using the Free Cantilever Method  (FCM).   

In the construction stage analysis ,  the construction sequence   given below should be followed precisely. The construction stage analysis capability of midas Civil comprises an activate/deactivate concept of Structure Groups, Boundary Groups and Load Groups. The sequence of construction stage analysis for FCM is as follows

1.  Define material and section

2.  Structure modeling

3.  Define Structure Group

4.  Define Boundary Group

5.  Define Load Group

6.  Input Load

7.  Arrange tendons

8.  Prestress tendons

9.  Define time dependent material property

10.  Perform structural analysis

11.  Review results

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