Construction Stage Analysis of MSS Using Wizard

  • Bridge Engineering
  • midas Civil
  • 2020.09.10

Two construction methods, MSS (Movable Scaffolding System) and FSM (Full Staging Method) are used to construct PSC box bridges span by span. In the MSS method, concrete is poured onto the formwork that is supported by the MSS. Hence, false work and shoring are not necessary. In addition when using this method, t he

Space under the new bridge being constructed can be used without being obstructed by an existing river or roadway.

The structural system of the PSC Box Bridge, which is constructed using the MSS or FSM method, changes   at each construction stage.  Hence, structural analysis should be performed for each stage, and the sectional stability for each stage must be checked. To consider time dependent characteristics for the concrete and

Relaxation of the prestressing strand precisely, accumulated analysis results for the preceding construction stages are required for each subsequent construction stage.

In this tutorial, the procedure for performing construction stage analysis of a PSC Bridge using the MSS method, will be discussed.  Analytical results, such as stresses, prestress losses, deflections and section forces for each construction stage, will be reviewed

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