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COASTAL CROSSING - Design of a major new suspension bridge in Nigeria with midas Civil

  • midas Civil
  • Intermediate level
  • 2013.08.30

Design of a major new suspension bridge in Nigeria has been aided by the use of specialist software.


One of the main components of a major coastal highway planned to be built in Nigeria is a large-span bridge over the Bonny River. The 2.8km-long suspension bridge is intended to be part of a 600km-long highway between Lagos and Port Harcourt, which is being planned by the federal government of the Republic of Nigeria in association with local government agencies. The project, named the East-West Coastal Road, includes three major river crossings, the largest being the estuarine crossing of the Bonny River some 35km south of Port Harcourt. Large oil and LNG tankers regularly use this river so a navigation width of 1.1km is required to meet international recommendations, and this demand led to the design of a bridge with a main span of 1.5km. The total crossing is made up of a 2.8km-long suspension bridge with 1.5km of approach viaducts on each side.


See the PDF for more Details about the project


Article originally published on www.bridgeweb.com 


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