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Complete Guide to Thermal Analysis - NFX Guide

  • midas NFX
  • Intermediate level
  • 2014.10.29

This guide starts from applications of thermal analysis and its role in simulation driven design. Fundamental concepts and principles will be introduced such as conduction, convection, radiation, linear and nonlinear heat transfer, steady state and transient analysis, etc. Finally we will discuss how to choose appropriate finite element analysis software for thermal analysis; and introduce strength of midas NFX for solving thermal problems.

1. Thermal Analysis for Analysis Driven Design

2. Thermal Analysis Application

2.1 Electronics product design

2.2 Traditional machine design

2.3 Automotive parts design

3. Thermal Analysis Fundamentals

3.1 From structural analysis to thermal analysis

3.2 Heat transfer mechanism

4. Heat Transfer Fundamentals

4.1 Conduction

4.2 Convection

4.3 Radiation

4.4 Linear and nonlinear heat transfer

4.5 Steady state and transient heat transfer

5. Stress Fundamentals

6. Difference Between Structural and CFD Analysis to Study Heat Transfer

7. How to Choose Software for Thermal Analysis

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