midas Design+
midas Design+
Structural Component Design & Detailing

midas Design+ is a collection of handy structural component design and detailing tools, which are easy to use and speed up the day-to-day design process. midas Design+ is developed to be simple, fast and accurate. It enables engineers to systematically and consistently manage design reports

Solutions for structural member design

midas Design+ is a structural unit member design tools developed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of a professional structural engineers. It provides features to fast-track everyday design tasks, delivering fast and accurate designs for American and Euro codes and practices. (Euro code will be implement on November, 2013)

Tools provided include concrete design, steel design as well as drafting. References and relevant code clauses are shown and results may be fine tuned with many additional options available. Documents can be arranged into sections, saved and re-loaded. Supported document types include member designs, spreadsheets, text documents

Since 1989, midas Design+ offers a fast, reliable and very cost-effective tool for the professional engineers.
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