midas FEA
midas FEA
Advanced Nonlinear and Detail Analysis System

midas FEA is state of the art software, which defines a new paradigm for advanced nonlinear and detail analysis of civil structures. midas FEA is founded on the expertise in geometry modeling, mesh generation, analysis and contemporary graphics technologies accumulated since 1989. midas FEA, a total solution for civil-orientated analysis problems, provides a number of unique and practical tools. midas FEA, combining powerful pre/post processor and a solver co-developed by MIDAS IT and TNO Diana, stands for reliability and utmost accurate solution.

In-Depth Information
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Main Features & Capabilities of midas FEA
Category Featrues Details
Framework  Framework
  Works Tree
 Property Window
 Task-oriented User Interface
 Graphic Display
 Selection Method
 Virtual Transformation
 Flying View
Geometry Modeling  Curve Modeling
 Surface Modeling
 Solid Modeling
 Advanced Modeling
 Frame to Solid Wizard
 Geometry Modeling Examples
Mesh Generation  Auto-mesh Generation
 Mapped Mesh Generation
 Size Control
 Mesh Protrusion
 Interface Element
 Mesh Manipulation
Analysis Control  Analysis Type
 Element Library
 Material Model
 Load / Boundary Condition
 Analysis Case
 System Equation Solver
Post Processing  Overview
 Extraction of Various Results
 Legend Control
  Detailed Analysis (Linear, Material/Geometry Nonlinear)
- Detailed FE analysis (linear static/dynamic analysis of concrete and steel)
- Buckling analysis of steel structures with material and geometric nonlinearity
  Concrete, Interface and Reinforcement Nonlinear Analysis
- Detailed analysis of composite structures (steel + concrete)
- 3D detailed analysis considering steel, concrete and reinforcement simultaneously
- Crack initiation and propagation in concrete structures
- Composite modeling and analysis of shear walls
- Detailed analysis for tendon anchorages
  Thermo-Elastic Analysis (Heat Transfer, Heat of Hydration)
  Special Analysis (Contact, Fatigue, Creep)
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