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midas Civil is state of the art engineering software that set a new standard for the design or bridges and civil structures. It features a distinctively user friendly interface and optimal design solution functions that can account for construction stages and time dependent properties. Its highly developed modeling and analysis functions enable engineers to overcome common challenges and inefficiencies of finite element analysis. With midas Civil, you will be able to create high quality designs with unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Bridge and Civil Structure Design New Standard

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  • Ironton-Russell Bridge

    Ohio River , USA Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.

    The Ironton-Russell Bridge is a single tower cable-stayed girder bridge. Girders are I-shaped steel plate girders. The girders are of a composite system with the concrete deck. The cable system is a dual-plane system consisting of 70 cables and the tower is made up of reinforced concrete

  • Young Jong Bridge

    Incheon, South Korea U Sin Corporation

    Completed in 2000, Young Jong is World’s 1st 3D self-anchored suspension bridge. midas Civil software is used for structural analyses of the bridge including response spectrum analysis, eigen value analysis, large displacement analysis, vehicle load analysis

  • Basarab Viaduct Bridge

    Bucharest, Romania C&T Engineering Srl

    The 1,479 m Long crossing consists of a 125 m long arch bridge over the river, a complex 791m long road and tramway viaduct, and a 302 m long, 40m wide cable-stayed bridge over the railway.

  • El Marquéz Bridge

    Michoacan, Mexico COPEC SA de CV

    This 120m long steel rail way bridge consists of 2224 beams. midas Civil is used for structural analyses including response spectrum analysis, eigen value analysis and vehicle load optimization

  • Recorded Webinar

    Soil Structure Interaction with Integral Bridges

    Model, analysis and design of Integral Bridges and Soil-Structure Interaction

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  • Case Study

    Design of a major new suspension bridge in Nigeria with midas Civil

    The 2.8km long suspension bridge between Lagos and Port Harcourt in Nigeria

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