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  • midas Civil
  • Enhancements in midas Civil 2019 (v1.1)

      Civil 2019 (v1.1) is released in July 2018. The following features have been newly implemented.

      Analysis & Design

      Traffic Load Models for Turkey
      Moving Load Optimization for Australia
      India IRS Bridge Rules: Railway Loads
      Nonlinear Elastic Links for Pushover Analysis
      GSD-Crack Width Calculation as per IRC 112: 2011
      AASHTO LRFD 2016 Update
      Shell Design
      Pre & Post-Processing
      Energy Result Graph for Time History Analysis
      Strain Output for Material Nonlinear Analysis
      Multi-linear Force-Deformation Function for Point Spring Support and Elastic Link
      Rail Track Analysis Report with the US Unit Setting
      Data Interface with GTS NX
      Tekla Structure 2018 Interface

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  • midas Gen
  • Enhancements in midas Gen 2019 (v1.1)

      Gen 2019 (v1.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

      midas Gen

      (1) Member Design as per NTC 2018

      (2) Improvement of post-processing in material nonlinear analysis

      (3) Structure wizard of transmission tower

      (4) Improvement of post-processing in time-history analysis results

      (5) Improvement of Torsional Irregularity table

      (6) Automatic application of reduction factor for irregular structure

      (7) Definition of Loading Area Group

      (8) Wind pressure function

      (9) Improvement of viscoelastic damper

      (10) Addition of Energy Result Graph

      (11) Multi-linear type elastic spring/ link for interface with GTS NX

      (12) Improvement of multi-linear type elastic spring/ link

      (13) Nonlinear Elastic Links for Pushover Analysis

      (14) Tekla Structure 2018 Interface

      (15) Reinforcement bar as per SS560 : 2010

      midas Design+

      (1) SRC column as per AISC-LRFD 10M

      (2) CFT column as per AISC-LRFD 10M

      (3) Carbon fiber reinforced concrete

      (4) Aluminum beam/ column as per ADM

      (5) Improvement of Rib plate for base plate

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  • midas nGen
  • Enhancements in midas nGen 2019 (v1.1)

      nGen 2019 (v1.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

        1. Improvement of Import of CAD files
        2. Improvement for Cad tracing
        3. Add new Slab Type – 1 : Flab Slab & Foundation
        4. Add new Slab Type – 2  : Drop panel & Domain
        5. Add new Boundary Condition – 1 : Soil Support & Pile Support
        6. Add new Boundary Condition – 2 :  Column Capital
        7. Add new Table : Loading Table
        8. Add new Analysis Type :  Cracked Section Analysis
        9.Improvement of seismic analysis : Input Modal damping Ratio per Properties
        10. Improvement of Analysis Result for 2D elements : Local Direction force Sum
        11. Improvement for Slab design : Design Considering Wood-Ammer Moment
        12. Point load conversion of Analysis results : Feature to create Point load by Result
        13. Add new Design Code : ACI318-14 and NTC 2018 & Torsion Design as per EN1993-1-1-2005
        14. Add new Member : General Column with irregular cross section
        15. Flat slab design
        16. Improvement of display feature
            : Supporting Overlap diagram for Beam force & Display for Rebar Arrangement Data
        17. Improvement of Interface : Improvement for nGen > Gen

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  • midas GTS NX
  • Enhancements in GTS NX 2019(v1.1)


      1.1 Construction Stage new analysis types:

           - Heat Transfer, Thermal Stress, Seepage-Heat Stress

      1.2 Soft Soil Creep – Tensile Strength

      1.3 Analysis Settings update

      1.4 Interface Relative Displacement result output request

      1.5 Nonlinear Time History/SRM - Analysis Case update

      Pre/Post Processing

      2.1 Material/Property/Contact thermal properties

      2.2 Layer Control tool

      2.3 Result History Output Probes, History Graph

      2.4 Flow path

      2.5 Slice plane vector

      2.6 GTS NX Gen Civil result exchange

      2.7 Load Table Import/Export

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  • midas NFX
  • Enhancements in midas NFX 2019 (v1.1)

      1. New View Controls
      2. Result Exctract-new option
      3. Line to Line Contact
      4. Topology Optimization-New Manufacturing conditions
      5. CFD: Reynolds Stress turbulence Model
      6. CFD: Overset Mesh - 3D Elements
      7. CFD: Wall translational motion
      8. CFD: New Wall Type-Particle
      9. CFD: Spring/Damper system
      10. CFD: Collision Wall
      11. CFD: Heat Source-Boundary Condition
      12. CFD: New Function input
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  • SoilWorks
  • Enhancements in SoilWorks 2016(v1.1)


      [Common] Automatic calculation of Stiffness for Complex Cross-Section
      [Common] Mesh Preview
      [Common] Searching Non-assigned Area of Material Properties
      [Common] Moving Bar in Construction Stage Definition
      [Common] Sort Function for Mesh Set Name in Construction Stage Definition
      [Common] Display Improvement
      [Rock] Display Safety Factor on the Work Window
      [Dynamic] Blasting /Train Dynamic Load Generator


      [Slope] Probability and Sensitivity Analyses
      [Slope] Optimization Method in LEM
      [Soft Ground] Replacement Method in 1D Consolidation
      [Seepage] Infinite Boundary Element


      Post Processing
      [Common] Step Slide Bar
      [Common] Multistep IsoSurface
      [Slope] Print Input Data and Result File

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