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Product Updates

  • midas Civil
  • Enhancements in midas Civil 2017(v1.1)

      Analysis & Design

      1. Assessment Live Loading to BD 21/01
      2. Moving Load Analysis to Polish Standard
      3. Moving Load Optimization to Russian Standard
      4. Auto-generation of Load Combinations to Polish Standard
      5. PSC Composite Section Design to Indian Standard
      6. Linear independent stage analysis
      7. Time Dependent Materials as per New Zealand Standard
      8. Time Dependent Materials as per Australian Standard

      Pre & Post-Processing
      1. Addition of PSC Super-T and I-girder Section DB
      2. Maximum stress locations due to warping for PSC section type

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  • midas Gen
  • Enhancements in midas Gen 2017 (v2.1)


      Gen 2017(v2.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

      Midas Gen

      1. Imperfection Loads as per EN1992-1-1 & EN1993-1-1
      2. Beam/Column/Wall Design as per ACI318-14 / ACI318M-14
      3. Torsion Design as per EN1992-1-1 2004
      4. RC Wall Checking Detail Report as per ACI 318-11/08
      5. Inelastic Time History Analysis for Plate Element
      6. Revit 2017 Interface
      7. Select Members by the Range of Analysis Result

      Midas Design+

      1. Beam/Column/Wall Design as per ACI318-14 / ACI318M-14

      Note: The release note for Gen 2017 (v2.1) includes all the enhancements made in Gen 2017 (v1.1).

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  • midas GTS NX
  • Enhancements in GTS NX 2016(v2.1)


      1 Infinite Element

      2 Display Water Level for 'Define Water Level for Mesh Set'

      3 Auto Time Step

      4 Detail Output of *.mec File

      5 Improvement in Free Field Analysis

      Post Processing

      1 Improvement in Save Result Image Files

      2 Improvement in Probe Results

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  • SoilWorks
  • Enhancements in SoilWorks 2016(v1.1)


      [Common] Automatic calculation of Stiffness for Complex Cross-Section
      [Common] Mesh Preview
      [Common] Searching Non-assigned Area of Material Properties
      [Common] Moving Bar in Construction Stage Definition
      [Common] Sort Function for Mesh Set Name in Construction Stage Definition
      [Common] Display Improvement
      [Rock] Display Safety Factor on the Work Window
      [Dynamic] Blasting /Train Dynamic Load Generator


      [Slope] Probability and Sensitivity Analyses
      [Slope] Optimization Method in LEM
      [Soft Ground] Replacement Method in 1D Consolidation
      [Seepage] Infinite Boundary Element


      Post Processing
      [Common] Step Slide Bar
      [Common] Multistep IsoSurface
      [Slope] Print Input Data and Result File

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  • midas FEA
  • Enhancements in FEA 2016 (v1.1)

      FEA 2016 (v1.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

      (1) Fast Fourier Transform in Time-history Graph
      (2) New Material DB to Korean Standard
      (3) New Method of Defining Yield Stress–Strain Relations
      (4) Compression-only Point Spring for Soil Resistance
      (5) Time Dependent Material to  Eurocode
      (6) DTIME Parameter for User Supplied Material Subroutine

      (1) Improvement about the von Mises  Stresses at Nodes
      (2) Summation of Crack Widths of Group of Elements

      For details, please refer to the attached release note.

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