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  • Civil 2020 (v2.1)
  • Posted
  • 2020. 03. 27


Civil 2020 (v2.1) Commercial version


▶ This is the commercial version for licensed users which requires a protection key number. Any new Protection Key number required for a higher version subsequent to the authorized date of License will be e-mailed to each individual Licensed User.


 Download "Civil 2020 (v2.1) Installer.zip" into a temporary folder (example: C:\temp). Extract "Civil 2020 (v2.1) Installer.zip" to restore the compressed files and create new files. Execute setup.exe among the files created. midas Civil program will be installed in the user's system (example: C:\Program Files\MIDAS\midas Civil). Double click the CVLw.exe file to execute the program.

Note. If you download this install version, there is no need to download the patch uploaded in the patch page.

MSI Installer: Click here to download.

[MSI Installer instruction]
In order to install midas Civil, double-click the ‘midas Civil.msi’ file first and then the ‘MsiSettings.exe’ file.
1. midas Civil.msi
· Copies program files to the installation folder.


2. MsiSettings.exe
· Installs Vector Draw, Visual C++ redistribution package and Sentinel System Driver or Sentinel Protection Server which is the device driver for the Sentinel keys.

Silent Installer: Click here to download.