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"The MIDAS Partner Program pursues the development of mutual partnerships and success by dedicating our resources for your business planning and opportunities."

The MIDAS Partner Program is our constant initiative to provide expert business solutions to mutually collaborate and ultimately succeed in the competitive business world. It is this shared commitment with our partners that expansion and profitability,within and beyond the market, are not just possible, but achievable.With our partners, we strive to continually advance engineering software tools to develop and maintain a sustainable business locally and globally.

“MIDAS Partners” MIDAS IT stands behind the partners
100% for mutual success.

We recognize that the key to business success is building trust with MIDAS software users. Joint dedication with partners from around the world provides the expertise and support for our clients effectively and efficiently.

This strong devotion to our software users, with the leading software tools that we provide, is the high-level value and standard our users continually receive that is second-to-none. The MIDAS Partner Program is the integral system that combines business resources, creating a reliable network for engineers, everywhere.


  • Strengths in Partnership

    • Joint partnership with a global network of proven market leaders and international partners
    • Individualized guidance and planning for business growth
    • A wealth of sales and marketing tools provided online
    • Periodical workshops for developing marketing strategies and planning
    • On-going strategy review and revision as necessary using the MIDAS Work Process
    • Transfer of the 'know-how' from the proven success in the relevant markets
  • Strengths in Sales and Marketing

    • Access to on-site resources for pre- and post-sales support to assist sales efforts with demonstrations
    • Extensive and comprehensive technical and sales training to each sales force to efficiently and effectively maximize their skills
    • Flexible pricing policy to fit each market condition
    • Full support for mass marketing events (seminars, training, etc.)
    • Variety of marketing and advertising design materials to best position the products in the relevant market
    • Customizing designs for promotion and the web for the specific needs of the market
  • Strengths in Technology

    • Online technical resources and knowledge base with real-time technical support within 24 hours
    • Localization of software to fully adopt to the local engineering practice
    • Priority on worldwide development requests
    • Impressive upgrades and fast development of patches to build long-term trust with end-users

Types of Partners

  • MVP or MIDAS Value-added Partner is a reseller that maintained 3 years of excellent partnership with MIDAS IT. An MVP is granted exclusive distribution rights of all MIDAS products in a specific country or territory. Also, full responsibility and rights are granted for business, technical support, sales, and marketing in the local market. Business partnership meetings are held two times per year to support business growth and further development of the MVP.

  • A distributing partner that officially entered into an exclusive or non-exclusive agreement with MIDAS IT for a particular country or territory. The partnership agreement is maintained or renewed annually with the responsibility and rights granted towards exclusive or non-exclusive distribution of MIDAS products. Cooperative relationship is maintained with MIDAS IT towards local business, technical support, sales, and marketing.

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  • A temporary partnership with MIDAS IT for a particular country or region, through a simple non-exclusive contract. Limited rights granted for distribution of MIDAS products in a particular country or region. The partner focuses on sales and promoting activities in the local market, and the core strategies and executions related to business, technical support, and marketing are carried out or supervised by MIDAS IT.

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  • Process of Becoming a Partner

  • STEP

    Market Research

    Perform a market analysis
    • Market Size
    • Profitability
    • Distribution Channel Analysis
    • Competitive Market Analysis
    • Technical Market Trend Analysis
    • and more
  • STEP

    Discuss Business Plan

    Discuss Outline of a Business Plan
    • Business Goal Setting
    • MIDAS Product Management System
    • Product and Service Differentiation
    • Sales and Marketing Methods
    • and more
  • STEP

    Partnership Agreement / Contract

    Establish a mutually agreeable policy of cooperation
    • Identify Regions and Countries
    • Exclusive or Non-exclusive Contract
    • Define Details for the Partnership
    • Schedule for Business Meeting
    • and more
  • STEP

    Strategic Business Planning

    Develop a Strategic Business Plan
    • Long-term and Short-term Business Goal Setting
    • Establish Strategic Sales and Marketing Plan
    • Set Product Training Schedule
    • Plan to Strengthen Partnerships
    • and more

If you are interested in becoming a MVP, Standard Distributor or Reseller, please click on the ‘Apply Now’ button above and fill out the application form. If you need further information about MIDAS partnership, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@midasit.com.