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Enhancements in GTS NX 2015(v2.1)

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  • 2015.07.17
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GTS NX 2015(v2.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.


1. Pre Processing
1.1 Improvement in Bedding Plane Wizard
1.2 Soft Soil model
1.3 Hardening Soil with small strain stiffness model
1.4 Taper Section Group
1.5 T/X-cross Shape Interface


2. Analysis
2.1 Improvement in Self Weight
2.2 Create Load from Results
2.3 Create Boundary from Results
2.4 Contraction
2.5 Improvement in Output Control
2.6 Improvement in History Output Probes


3. Post Processing

3.1 Improvement in Vector
3.2 Multi Step Graph
3.3 Improvement in Flow Quantity


For more details, please refer to the attached GTS NX 2015(v2.1) Release Note.