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Gabriel Guisández González

Geotechnical engineer, Grupo TYPSA, Peru

Dr. González is specialized in geotechnical, tunnel and seismic


Specialist in Seismic Engineering and Dynamic Phenomena: 
Signal processing by Fourier analysis, seismic attenuation, inertial hydrodynamic actions, seismic microzonation, site seismic spectra and design seismic spectra, probabilistic studies, analysis of seismic regulations, displacements in slopes and piles due to seismic actions, generation and propagation of vibrations, rock blasting projections, blasting designs. Dynamic actions due to dynamic compaction 

Specialist in Geotechnics: 
Design of site investigations, analysis of laboratory tests, geotechnical characterization, calculation of earthworks, embankments, foundations.
Utilization of excavated materials, hydrogeology studies, ground treatments, monitoring and instrumentation. 
Design and calculation of anchorages, micropiles, sheet piles, retaining walls, soil nailings

Specialist in Underground Works:
Design and calculation of tunnels, shafts metro stations, and tunnel portals.
Excavation face stability, design and calculation of junctions.
Estimation of blasting vibrations, rock blasting projections, surface settlements, ground treatments, groundwater infiltrations both in transient and steady conditions.
Calculations of tunnel final linings using normal and high-strength reinforced concrete. 
Fire resistance calculations.
Structural calculations of tunnels under seismic waves.
Risk analysis in conventional and TBM tunnels during construction process.
Specifications and operational analysis of TBMs. 
Design of TBM reaction frameworks 
Drafting Technical Specifications, and Bill of Quantities.

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